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Public Policy and Advocacy Updates

Public Policy and Advocacy Updates

The National Nurse (for Public Health) Act of 2017 has gained co-sponsors in the House.  I can assure everyone that I have called (again) 9 Representatives DC office, followed up with email in early April.  Many of those offices I or others from the National Nurse Network Organization visited last September.  Although the office visits are generally productive and the staffer's interest is genuine there seems to be a lack of co-sponsoring from Texas congressmen. On a more positive note, the Senate (companion) bill S 1106 has garnered 6 co-sponsors.  On the day The Road Ends Here (Final Four last game day) myself and Danny Gusme, our on the go ACCMSA President, ventured to the heart of Downton San Antonio (nope-too early for the basketball game) and joined the younger tourist crowd as we made our way to 600 Navarro St. DESTINATION:Senator John Cornyn's office.  We arrived at our appointed time and were cordially greated by the legislative counsel and an intern who listened and interacted with great interest. Danny shared a personal story that emphazied the need for a National Nurse.
At this time Senator Cornyn has not co-sponsored.  A simple call to the DC  202-224-2934 or send an email  ( via the web page would be much appreciated. Just say you are asking the Senator to co-sponsor S 1106, The National Nurse Act of 2017 which is very important to Texas Nurses.Read more: