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Public Policy Updates

May 2018

The National Nurse (for Public Health) Act of 2017 has gained co-sponsors in the House. I can assure everyone that I have called (again) 9 Representatives DC offices, followed up with emails in early April.  Many of those offices I or others from the National Nurse Network Organization visited last September.  Although the office visits are generally productive and the staffer's interest is genuine there seems to be a lack of co-sponsoring from Texas congressmen.  On a more positive note, the Senate (companion) bill S 1106 has garnered 6 co-sponsors.  On the day The Road Ends Here (Final Four last game day) myself and Danny Gusme, our on the go ACCMSA President, ventured to the heart of Downtown San Antonio (nope - too early for the basketball game) and joined the younger tourist crowd as we made our way to 600 Navarro St.  DESTINATION:  Senator John Cornyn's office.  We arrived at our appointed time and were cordially greated by the legislative counsel and an intern who listened and interacted with great interest.  Danny shared a personal story that emphazied the need for a National Nurse Act.   At this time Senator Cornyn has not co-sponsored.  A simple call to the DC office 202-224-2934 or send an email via the web page would be much appreciated. Just say you are asking the Senator to co-sponsor S 1106, The National Nurse Act of 2017 which is very important to Texas Nurses. 

Left to Right: Danny Gusme ACCMSA President, Joan Westgor Chapter Public Policy Director, Legislative Counsel


September 2017 Update: on the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact will be implemented in January, 2018: details can be found at the following link!

 Implementation of the eNLC

June, 2017

Texas House Bill 2950 and the Senate companion bill both passed at the end of the 2017 Legislative session and signed into law on June 9th by Governor Abbott!  The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) goes into effect when 26 states have adopted it or on December 31st, 2018!

House Bill 2950 was the legislation asking for repeal of the current Nurse Licensure Compact to be replacd the eNLC.

Thank you to all Alamo Chapter members and non-members who follow our chapter Public Policy Advocacy issues and MOST critically Took Action on ....contacting your State Legislatures to hear your voice asking for this Bill to be passed! I am positive that our combined efforts Made the Difference!

Many thanks for your support....from the Alamo chapter-CMSA Public Policy Committee Chair,

Joan Westgor, RN, CCM

Chapter Public Policy Liaison

Report from 2017 CMSA Hill Day September 13-14
"Professional Case Managers Add Value to the Health Care System and Health Care Consumers"
CMSA Hill Day is a unique experience!  Our chapter was enthusiastically represented by our Public Policy Committee (PPC) Chair & Liaison, Joan Westgor along with our Communication and Technology Advisor, Bill Kirk -also a contributing PPC member.
The pinnacle highlight of Public Policy & Advocacy is to walk the endless hallways of National Congressional buildings (that includes connecting tunnels) and educate our congressional leaders. We did all that and more!  Our mission was for ourselves and as a National, Professional Case Management organization to know our professional worth and present the Professional Case Management value to congress as they go forward with proposed bills that will re-shape health policies.
CMSA's Public Policy Mission Statement: "The mission of the CMSA Public Policy Committe is to advocate for legislative and regulatory issues that may impact CMSA, its members and the practice of case management."
The primary focus of the more than 70 plus CMSA attendees on The Hill was to introduce the 2017 revised Case Management Model Act!
The talking points included:
  • Title Protection for Case Management
  • Promoting Clinical Outcomes
  • Optimizing Value-Based Purchasing
  • Advancing Integration
  • Improving Quality


We also included our "own stories"  involving coordination of care involving stakeholders to achieve maximum positive outcome for the population we serve. The passion of what we do on a daily basis was shared with every staffer we met!

In addition to CMSA activiities, National Nurse Network was also in D.C. advocating for The National Nurse Act of 2017. The contingency of nurses also included several of the National Nurse Network Organization ( NNNO) Advocacy Team members who were also participating with Capitol Hill Day on the next day-myself included. We were warmly welcomed by Teri Mills, President and Elizabeth McPhee, Vice-President as we made the fast paced congressional office visits asking for co-sponsorship for H.R. 1651 and on the Senate side for S.1106.  Please visit the link in red for further information.

Right sided picture: L>R CMSA members: Pat Pollock,Theresa Jones, Ron Donado-Legislative Counsel for Rep Pete Sessions (TX-32), Bill Kirk, & Joan Westgor


Bottom Pictures: L>R Joan Westgor with Rep Lamar Smith  (TX-21), NNNO Advocacy Team Members L>R Joan Westgor, Michelle Berkley Brown, Liz McPhee, Beth Baldwin with Rep Ethan Jenkins (WV-3).  The last picture on the right is the view from representive Smith's desk.

SCROLL DOWN to view the Case Management Week Proclamation from San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenberg. Please share in your workplace or copy/print for yourself!









Public Policy